Silver Lake Suite

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The green collared key opens the metal entrance door and both metal patio doors. The purple one opens the wood entrance door deadbolt. The yellow one opens the entrance door knob lock. Please lock all the metal doors when you are away.


There are three light switches next to the entry door. The right one controls the outside entry light and the middle one that glows controls the inside hallway light; the left one is not in use. You can leave the outside entry light in the on position since it is on a sensor and will shut off during the day. The two light switches in the main room next to the bathroom door control the sconce and the floor lamp near the fireplace.


The access point SSID and password are on the first page the printed Guest Guide in the Suite.


The delivery address and phone number are on the first page of the printed Guest Guide in the Suite. Leave a message on the answering machine if there is no answer. Your hosts are David and Judith. In case of emergency, use the panic alarm buttons on the security keypad near the entry door to the left of the kitchen entrance.


Please do not use the fireplace.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.


Before you check out, please bag your trash and throw full trash bags in the large black plastic trash bin next to the garage ramp. If you want to recycle, put bags of recyclables in the blue Tie the bags closed. Please do not put anything in the green bin (only gardening clippings, leaves, etc. are allowed in that one).


Park on the street (opposite side only) or on a nearby street in a place where parking is permitted.

Backyard noises

Do not be alarmed if you hear rustling leaves in the backyard during the night – there are cats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and possums in neighborhood that come out at night.

Security system

The Suite is equipped with a monitored security system to help ensure your security and that of your possessions during your stay. It is your decision whether or not to use it. Should you wish to use the security system, please ask us for instructions.

Panic alarms

The security system includes three panic alarms that you can use in case of emergency. The panic alarms work whether or not the security system is used. Pressing one of the three colored buttons on the security control panel will summon the appropriate help:

Shopping and Laundry

Between Silver Lake Coffee and the 365 Shopping Center with the Starbucks is Silver Glen Liquor and in the small strip mall behind is a coin laundry. There is a 7-Eleven (24 hours) on Rowena at Hyperion in a strip mall with a coin laundry with free wifi.

The 365 Shopping Center contains a 365 Whole Foods Market, on Hyperion one block south of Rowena is a high-end Gelsons supermarket on the right side, and a good-value Trader Joe's across from it on the opposite side of Hyperion.


Good coffee is on Glendale Blvd. half a block south of Briar at Silver Lake Coffee. They also have free wifi. Across the road is a wine shop, Silver Lake Wine which does tastings on Sundays. Better coffee is on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village at Kaldi Coffee.

Gingergrass at Briar and Glendale is pretty good and very popular. There's a cozy and popular German bar and restaurant, the Red Lion, a bit further south on Glendale on the same side.

Modern Eats on the south side of Glendale Blvd. (if you follow it as it turns left, it is on the right side just after the curve) has great coffee and healthy choices including vegan. Further along (if you stay straight on Glendale as it turns into Rowena) are the pricey Blairs and Edendale and the less pricey Michelangelo. Astro's across India Street from the Starbucks is open 24 hours and not bad. Further across from Astro's is a small mall with a decent Thai.

Beyond Astro's at Fletcher and Riverside is Home, which is smart casual with a wide American-themed menu, comfy booths and an outdoor patio (smoking ok), an indoor full bar, fireplace, and such. Good food and atmosphere but parking can get crowded and is valet only (a bit pricey). Catty-corner from Home is Rick's which has cut-above fast food and is open late; you can eat in or take out or drive through.

There is Tomato Pie Pizza Joint and Jersey Mike's Subs, and a restaurant/bar, Barbarella, on Hyperion and the open‑'til‑late Mixto for Mexican. There is also Magpie's for soft-serve ice cream a few doors away from Jersey Mike's which rotates their flavors daily and which include vegan options.

There is a wide variety of restaurants not far away on Hillhurst Avenue and on Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz, and many others in surrounding areas.


Please be prepared to leave by 10:00 am on your day of departure, unless prior arrangements have been made. A quick inspection will be required, and thereafter any deposit you may have paid will be refunded less any deductions for loss or damage other than normal wear and tear.